Sunday, December 19, 2010

Library Update

I have posted these pictures all over the place, but thought since this is my dream I'd blog a bit about it here.
On Tuesday Jon finished with another stage in the library. He finished painting the shelves. He hasn't put the trim pieces up yet because it would have been too difficult to paint around them. But since they go on the edges and around the shelves he told me that I could put the books on the shelves now.
We did this for two reasons. We needed to clear the space on the other side of the room so he could start work on the shelves on that side. Also we had a ton of guests coming over for the Christmas holidays (my family this past weekend and Jon's this next weekend.)
So on Wednesday afternoon I began the task of unloading a ton of boxes and putting all of my deeply missed books onto the shelves. It was so much fun. In fact, I can't believe that I ever finished considering all of the books I had to touch and not read. =)
 On Thursday we cleared out the other side and dusted. And dusted and dusted and dusted. Paint spray makes horrible dust. But it's all clean now and I'm so, so excited.
I wasn't able to fit all of my books on the shelves. I have double layers of books on the top 3 shelves and have books on top of books on most of the shelves. But I wanted to have enough room that Jon could finish the other side.
Now when the holidays are finished Jon will put up the trim (painting it outside so as not to get paint on the books). Then he can start on the other side.

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