It started with my kids and a dog. I couldn't find a photographer that I liked after our favorite studio closed down. So I began taking pictures of the kids on their birthday. We would have a "formal" photo shoot and the kids would get to help me pick location and poses.

Then a friend asked me to take some professional pictures of her dog that was getting old.

And it grew from there. So like it or not, I am a photographer. 

So many people ask me what my fees and packages are. So I thought this would be a great place to send everyone for the information.

1 session - $65

This includes the cd with all of the edited pictures and the release form.

I can also make prints, but these prices will be based on the company that I use. Prints can be made after you receive the cd and give me the list of what you want printed.

I will take as many pictures and poses as you like, 
but the maximum time per photo shoot will be 1 hour. 

There is a 2 week turn around for the cd 
and then another 2 week turn around if you want prints.

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