Saturday, March 12, 2011

Belly buttons

It's Saturday morning. Now normally this means that I'm in church. But with my kids sick I'm stuck here at home with nothing to do while they play. They are feeling fine and so I got on the computer to kill some time.
Blogspot has this wonderful feature. If you look at the top of the blog there is this little button that says "Next blog". If you click on it, blogger will try to take you to a blog that is similar to your blog. So if I'm on my kid blog I'm very, very likely to get another mom's blog.
But this blog is really interesting because I am likely to have all sorts of blogs come up.
I was clicking away and came across this very unusual blog from a girl in Amsterdam.

Here is what she says

I'm Rosa and my blog is all about belly buttons.
This blog is kind of the result of a bet. My sister moved to Italy for 5 months

and I promised her to keep this blog.
I will try to post a photo of a belly button everyday. 

Not only my belly button, but also the belly buttons
of my family, friends and relatives.

Now I'm sure if you know me and have read my blog you'll know I'm a little different. So I enjoy different things and other unusual people. I have thought of all types of blogs, but I've got to say- this one never crossed my mind.
I started laughing and my family wanted to know why. When I told them, they (the kids) insisted on having me take pictures of their belly buttons. So I did. Then I got the wild idea to send her our pictures.
I emailed her with the pictures and amazingly she answered right back. She sounded pretty excited.
So if you really want to see it - here is my belly button. =)


  1. Very Interesting. I never knew there was a blog about belly buttons. I guess there is a blog about everything.

  2. I always wondered what that "Next Blog" button was for, but never took the time to find out. Thanks!