Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's down

I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing me get excited about this library.
Deal with it!!!  =)

I was able to take the plastic down today and move the chairs into position.
It isn't even close to being finished, but I can see the end in sight.
We still need to finish painting, put up the trim, lay down the floors, put in recessed lights, reupholster that hideous chair and get a cushion for the window seat to match. All in good time.
And I'm so excited! We'll be able to have book club in there tomorrow night.

The view from the front corner by the dining room.
View from the dining room. Showing the new section.
View from the hallway.
The amazing man who's doing all of this for me. Isn't he awesome?!!!
Can you see the stack of boxes in the corner? It's more books. =)
I was standing in the middle of the room so excited. I told Jon
"Just imagine. In a few more days the other side (the new side) will look just like this."
His reply
"I hope not for a while."
Poor, poor Jon. He had no clue what he was getting into when he married me.
I guess it's really not a big surprise that both of my kids LOVE books.

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