Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Several weeks ago when I was writing the blog about my mom I thought about all of the other people who "mothered" me over the years. There are so many women that have impacted my life in some way. So this is a tribute to some of the other "mothers" in my life.

They are in no particular order.


Lynn is a very dear friend of mine. She lived next door to some friends and then her daughter was in my first book club. My family has shared many meals and experiences with her family. Over the years I've thought many times how thankful I am to have her as a friend. She has been a great example to me as a Christian and as a mother. She inspires me to be a better person. If everyone could be half as gracious, loving, and unselfish as Lynn, the world would be a better place.

Aunt Linda

My first memories of her are, naturally, when I was very small. I think the first major one was when I was in her wedding at the age of five. I grew to love and admire my aunt very much. She (and her husband) gave unselfishly of their time as missionaries. Aunt Linda told me stories, helped with book reports and fostered my love of books. After I married we moved closer and Jon and I spent many weekends reading books, watching movies and eating good food. I could talk to her about things that I probably never spoke about with other people. My aunt doesn't have any children of her own, but I always felt like she treated me as her own and I certainly thought of her as my second mother.

My Grandmas

My grandmothers are the very, very best. Growing up I lived within a few hours of my grandparents most of the time, so thankfully I saw them often. They were like most grandmothers, I'm guessing, with the gifts and love. But some of the things that I remember the most were the times that I went alone (or with my sister) to spend time with them. They were both excellent cooks and both loved to read. 
My Grandma P would let me come and stay for several weeks all by myself. She got piles of books for me to read while I was there and allowed me to "help" in her ceramic business.
My Grandma G would have pity on me when the younger cousins and siblings were piling up in the house and would let me hide out in her bedroom with the bookcases full of books. Every year I could count on getting books for Christmas. 
My grandmothers gave me an appreciation for family, a love of books and by their love they showed me a glimpse of my heavenly Father.

I have had several amazing teachers over the years, but one that really stands out is my 9th grade teacher.
For reasons that will take too long to explain, I was very, very behind when I hit the 9th grade. I had started first grade at the age of 7 (due to a previous school policy) and so was being allowed to skip 8th grade to catch back up with my age group. But scholastically I was NOT ready to enter 9th grade. My teacher had the most amazing patience. I tend to get frustrated and throw up a mental block if I can't figure something out. Yet she pulled me from a 6th grade level in math to where I belonged and did it all without stressing me out (at least not too much). She was and will always be an amazing teacher. And I am so thankful that God put her there when I needed her.

There have been many amazing people in my life. People that God has placed there to bless me, people who have impacted who I am today. There is no way that I can mention them all. But these women are the first who come to mind and I just wanted to say how thankful I am for them and everything they did/do for me.

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