Thursday, June 16, 2011

Great Race

I mentioned on my other blog that we went to Chattanooga this past weekend to view the start of this year's Great Race.

Here are a few pictures from that.
These next four pictures were taken by Jon.
I'm not super clear on the rules of this race (that's why I provided a link), but I'm pretty sure that if you have an antique car of any kind (rodded out or original) you can participate.
These kids were 15 and 16 years old and in the race by themselves. What an experience to tell your friends.
This race is fun. But it's also about remembering and preserving a way of life that has passed us by. Our lives are so busy. We have instant gratification. We need things now and hurry up about it. This race brings back all of the things that we remember from long ago;
the slow and peaceful way of life that has somehow slipped through our fingers.
So antique car enthusiasts aren't just old car lovers, they are appreciating and keeping our heritage alive.
 Something old, something new.

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