Monday, July 11, 2011

Skinny Minny

I grew up very, very thin. If there's a skinny joke out there, I've heard it.
But then life played a joke on me and I had children. This combined with my terrible eating habits and I realized that I now have to watch my weight just like everyone else. I'm still within my "healthy weight", 
but I've noticed that I don't feel as energetic or awake as I use to.
About a month ago I got on the scales and noticed I weight more than I've ever weighed (not pregnant) before. It was a sobering reality check that my entire lifestyle needs to change.

This was the main reason that I wanted to get into running. It was an exercise that I felt I might actually continue and something that I could eventually do with other people. So I've been running for about two weeks now. I even went to this great little running store here in Cookeville and purchased some new shoes. They are amazing and have really helped with the whole blister thing.

I also joined SparkPeople. This was mainly for keeping track of my food intake. When I starting logging every little thing I ate during the day it made me realize just how terrible my eating habits were. So now I have someone keeping me accountable for the food and water that I'm putting in my body.

I'm blogging about this for two reasons.
1. I tell everyone everything. =)
2. If everyone knows I'm trying to be healthy I'll have more incentive to stick with my plan.

So here is to a healthier me and hopefully a thinner me as well.

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