Sunday, January 8, 2012

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Some friends of ours mentioned that Mission Impossible 4 was playing at the IMAX in Chattanooga.
One thing led to another and we decided to get babysitters and head down to watch it.
My sister was sweet enough to come over and we left Saturday afternoon with our friends.
We ate more food that should be humanly possible, had an amazing time visiting with friends (old and new) and loved the movie.

My friend laughed at me watching the movie. Apparently at one time I was squeezing the arm rests. So she leans over and says 
"Tima, gripping the seat won't help him hang on!"
Well, maybe not. But it certainly made me feel better. =)

We spent the night in a hotel and headed back after breakfast. 
It was the perfect time away.

Killing time at the hotel waiting on our friends to check out.

We returned to say good-bye to my sister, load the paintball stuff into the truck and head to a friends house where we dropped off the kids for a play date.
Then Jon and I spent the afternoon playing.

I was shot once almost every game. But this ball didn't break and therefore left a mark.
Jon thinks it looks much worse in real life.

But gross pictures aside, on the way back to pick up the kids Jon made the comment that while it was great to get away every once in a while, he sure missed the kids.
I certainly agree. I missed my little buggers and am glad to be back home and into our routine again.

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