Monday, January 23, 2012

Photo Challenge Day 23/Photo Shoot

Something Old

The second half of my photo shoot on Thursday was after I left the burned out house. Sharon had to pick up her child from school. But I had about half an hour before I had to get Dominic. I remembered an old garage on the side of the road. Through the trees you could see parts of what looked like a small house. 
I was going to write a blog post about what I found and decided to wait since it fit the title of the photo challenge today.

This is the garage you can see from the road.
One side of the house. It is a lot bigger than it looks from the road.
Boards on the front of the house. The front has basically decayed much faster than the rest of the house. This allowed me to see into the house without trying to get inside.
Inside the living room.
Outside window.

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