Saturday, January 28, 2012

Random bits

Just a couple of random things I wanted to mention.

My mom is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday. So I'll be farming my children out so I can go and sit with my dad during the surgery. My other siblings can't get out of work so I wanted to make sure he had someone there with him. They'll be coming later on in the evening to sit with her so she's never alone while at the hospital.
Please say a prayer for her!

While our dog Josie was in the hospital for her surgery we were encouraged to visit her and remind her that she hadn't been abandoned. Josie crawled up into my lap and just stayed there. Dominic was getting board so I handed him my camera.
I think I need to work with him on focusing. But it captured my sweet dog and helped entertain my sweet son.
We will not discuss how much said sweet dog set us back. It's still too painful to talk about.

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