Saturday, February 18, 2012

Inappropriate laughter

Some inappropriate language - proceed with caution.
My family has a weird sense of humor. I'll warn you of that right now. My dad and brother like to tease, my sister goes for the shock factor and well, my poor mom is often the recipient. 
She takes it well though.

When she had the trach she kept forgetting that she couldn't talk or breath through her mouth. She was craving something warm and asked my aunt for some mashed potatoes. When she got them on her plate she tried to blow on them to cool them down and realized that she couldn't. So she put the plate a bit lower and closer to her trach and blew on them that way. Ewww! =) 

After the trach was removed we all noticed that her speech was slurred and she has a lisp. She chooses her words carefully and speaks slowly so that she's clear and understandable.
So naturally we HAD to ask her to say stuff that we knew was impossible. Things with the S sound or really fast words. She would oblige, but never got it quite right.
My mom would NEVER say a "bad" word. She would always spell it. So my sister asked her to say "shit". I think my sister almost peed her pants when my mom actually tried to say it. Naturally it didn't come out as that, but we all had a good laugh at my mom saying a bad word.
Tonight I was talking to my mom on the phone and the family that was at her house were being a bit loud. So mom turned to them and tried to shush them. Problem was - it came out as a perfect "shit".
She was the only one not laughing. =) I think she's now very eager to go see the neurologist to see what the problem is and how soon it can be fixed. Poor Mom!

My mom is going to KILL me when she finds out I posted this. (insert evil grin)

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