Friday, February 10, 2012

Update on Mom

Yesterday my dad called me to let me know that there was a chance my mom could get her trach out early. The only hold up would be if they couldn't get the equipment to the office that was going to take pictures of her throat. They had tried when they went in to do the actual surgery and she was still too swollen. So yesterday afternoon my dad called to let me know the trach was out. They didn't sew it up so there is still a slight hole there, which causes her to breath out of both places and makes it a bit difficult for her to talk. But she's very, very grateful to have it gone.

My parents have been pleasantly surprised at all of the people that have written, called and visited. Because I see this often on the internet I'm not surprised. But my parents are realizing that humanity may be flawed, but they also care.

My dad called me a couple of days ago to let me know they'd gotten a packet of letters from some grade school children in Pennsylvania. My parents loved them. What was so special was the fact that my parents didn't know the teacher who initiated the letters. My son's teacher, whom they've never met, has a mother in Pennsylvania who is also a teacher. She was sweet enough to send my parents these letters from her students. I didn't even know it was going to happen. People who do not know my parents at all are reaching out because we, as humans, care about what happens to others. And it's so heartening to see this, especially when it touches someone I love.

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