Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Update on Mom

My mom just called me on her way back from her doctor's appointment today.
She went back to get the drains removed and to get the results from the biopsies they did during surgery.
Great News!
They were able to get all of the cancer and all five lymph nodes were cancer free.
She is feeling great and really, really thankful to have the trach tube out.
She is talking a little funny. It sounds like a lisp. The doctor made an appointment with a neurologist to make sure that she didn't have a stroke or some damage from when she wasn't breathing during the first surgery (or attempt at surgery). She is also going to be scheduled with an oncologist so they can discuss if she'll need any further cancer treatments and if so what kind. So there is still some waiting involved. But stage 2 cancer and it being completely removed is very, very good news that we are all very thankful for.