Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

I knew I wasn't a writer. But it is confirmed today when I tried to express how much my husband means to me. It seems to be the "thing" to diss your spouse when among a group of women. People jokingly make comments about how their spouses are incompetent in certain areas or say the awfullest things. I'm not talking about the cute little things that a spouse does that are endearing, I'm talking about things that criticize or ridicule a person. Besides, if I was to complain about his defaults I might have to mention mine and the list is sadly a lot longer.
I can't complain because I have the most amazing husband. He loves me and treats me like a queen. Our relationship is apparently not like most peoples. Some girls I used to work for would get so upset and think I was being proud or condescending when I wouldn't complain about my husband. But I couldn't. Often we look at each other and shrug our shoulders. We don't understand how other couples act the way they do. Didn't they promise to love, honor and cherish? Didn't they marry their best friend? Doesn't a relationship work better if a couple works together? How can I possibly be doing my relationship a favor when I say bad things about my spouse. It just doesn't seem healthy. I'm to build him up and respect him. Thankfully my husband makes this so easy to do. He's the best. And he treats me like I'm the best. What more could a wife ask for? So I guess we are doubly blessed or just not normal. =)
I am thankful for my wonderful man.
Happy Valentine's Day to the very best husband in the world!

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