Monday, May 14, 2012

A Mother's Day off course

Yesterday did NOT go as planned. The plan was to drive to Nashville early in the morning in time for a 5k. We were meeting my dad, sister and niece. My dad was also running with me.
It was supposed to be beautiful weather. Then we would go to McKays to unload more of the books I'd purchased and I could actually browse because there would be more adults than children. We would then eat out at this great restaurant, shop and go home.

Here is what actually happened. And it was the best Mother's day ever.
Somehow the alarm was set for pm instead of am. So we woke up an hour late and had to rush out the door in 10 minutes to actually make it to the start line in time.
It rained off and on the entire day. We made it to the race with only a few minutes to spare. It was raining hard enough that I had to wipe my face every few seconds just so I could see where I was going. This meant that every time I exhaled a huge bunch of mist would shoot off my face, making me look like a strange fountain. I was soaked. But it was a good run. I finished the race with the best time I've ever had, in either training or races. Turns out the guy in 3rd place veered off course and every person after him followed the same route.

Happy & dry at the beginning of the race.
 My family waiting on me to finish. Yes, that is my dad who is almost 60. Sad isn't it?!
Notice my daughter still in her pjs because we left the house too quickly?!
Me now completely soaked and pushing it because a bunch of Navy men were yelling at me. =) 
I have no idea why I give Jon the camera. I am purposely not posting the picture of me crossing the finish line. I look like death. It was a great run and I felt great. 
I have no idea why I look like I'm dying.

As I was changing at the Y (where the race took place) I realized that I only had my running shoes. In the race to leave the house I'd left my other shoes (as well as multiple other things). After a wet and squeaky walk through Target, I am now the proud owner of a pair of Converse shoes - 25 years too late. =)

My entire day was completely off course from what I'd planned and so much fun. I had a really great run, I got new shoes (have you ever heard a woman complain about that?), I was able to see some of my family, I got more store credit from McKay's that someday I'll be able to spend, I had a great time with my precious children and a wonderful day with my husband.

Last night my kids gave me the cutest necklace and we ate out (after a failed attempt to eat at the Cheesecake factory in Nashville). It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. My family is so precious to me and I enjoyed my Mother's day.

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