Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Senior class

My husband's mom found this poem in some of her things and gave it to us.
My husband's roommate wrote it for our senior year in high school (Jon and I met in boarding school).

I decided to compose a song
And asked my friend to play along,
because none of us want to do both.

I'd like to talk to the seniors today
Now before graduation day,
Because when it's said and done, they'll all be gone.

Jon's the academy handyman.
He fixes everything he can
Especially when it is in the girls dorm.*

He made us smile and made us laugh.
He even took our photograph
No matter how many times we tried to hide

Tima here has tremendous light,
'Cause she's read every book in sight,
Except the one by Noah Webster

She also is quite easily scared.
O'er this great laughter we have shared.
Of her own shadow, she's sometimes spooked

If Lysa always had her way,
She'd give a home to every stray,
Even if that home was her own.

With great manners she's not blessed.
She wouldn't pass an etiquette test.
Eating with her is always fun.

Susan here has the voice of a bird.
In the shower she can be heard.
(At least that's what the girls tell me.)

Although she seems quite scatterbrained,
Her Christian walk she has maintained.
To be like Jesus is her main goal.

Nate can be found in a three piece suit,
Or in work boots out picking fruit.
His interest are diversified.

He does his work until it's done,
and then he'll stop and have some fun.
Although his fun may be doing more work.

I can't say much more and I'll tell you why.
My mouth is getting very dry.
I'm glad I have just one more to go.

Last but not least is David Shin.
Some say he walks like a big penguin.
Don't worry Dave. We still love you.

When he goes up front to preach,
He waits till then to prepare his speech.
"I'll just wing it." is what he says.

You won't hear me go whine and fuss,
Just because the seniors are leaving us.
Saying good bye is part of life.

As you enter those great college years,
They're full of challenges, full of fears.
But they'll work out, if God's in charge.

So here's the class of ninety-five.
You've really kept this school alive.
It won't be the same without you here.

Brent Buttler

*I can't count the number of times I "broke" that washing machine so I could spend some more time with Jon. =)


  1. Great poem. Hope Brent sees this and remembers it. He has great observation skills. I'd agree with all the points that were made. The early 90s were good times as was High School. Glad we still keep in touch.

  2. Rodney - Brent saw it on facebook and commented.