Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bumps in the Night

Last night I was sitting on the couch reading. Jon was away on a business trip and the kids were in bed. When Jon is out of town I tend to be a bit a lot jumpy. Not sure why. I'm fine when he's just out of the house running errands or at a meeting.
So back to the story. . .as I sat quietly reading a very loud thud happened near the side door and the refrigerator door popped open about a foot. I grabbed the largest knife I own from the kitchen and gingerly walked into the laundry room - nothing. After turning out the kitchen light (so no one could see me and me not see them) I peeked out the door - nothing. So I went to check out the refrigerator - nothing. My heart raced for quite some time after that and I went to bed wondering what had happened. Whatever had hit the door had shook the house hard enough to pop open the fridge door.
This evening when I was making supper I found this in the door of the fridge.
By the time I found it (almost 24 hours later) it was beginning to dry out and spread all over the place.
I had no clue that they could explode violently enough to hear clear across two rooms and open a fridge door, scaring me to death. 
New vow - do not have canned biscuits or crescent rolls in the fridge when Jon goes on a business trip. Way too scary!!!

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