Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I've been part of a women's Bible study for several months now. The book we are currently studying from is called So Long Insecurity. There have been several times when I totally didn't get where the author was coming from. My family raised me with a decent self esteem. I am working on a few areas, but it doesn't feel crippling like so many examples in the book. But this week has shown me one of them in a very big way.

I recently signed on to review books with a company that is not like any other I've worked for before. The "hiring" process was more involved and included an interview and the submission of writing samples. I received pages and pages of instructions on how to write the reviews.

Through some unusual circumstances (on the companies end) I had already written fifteen reviews before they were critiqued. I received a letter on Monday that I would need to re-write all fifteen reviews. They were not up to the companies standard. In looking back, I can see plenty of mistakes and sub par writing. And it killed me. I'm well aware of my talents (or lack of them) in the writing department. But it hurt to hear that I wasn't good enough. The lady sending the email was super sweet and the criticism was constructive. My head tells me that I need to take this and grow from it. My heart hurts. I know I'm not the best or even that good, but man alive do I want to be.

So once my baby girl starts school you will probably find me adding a writing class to the already planned photography class.

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