Friday, August 3, 2012

Pinterest fails

The other morning was epic in Pinterest fails. It was almost time for Coffee Girls and I had found a recipe for mini peach cobblers made in muffin tins. It sounded delicious and perfect.

It failed badly. And I mean really, really badly. The first time I followed the instructions perfectly. It overflowed the pan and dripped poured onto the oven below. The second time I changed up the recipe and it didn't overflow. But once it came out of the oven and had cooled I went to pull it out of the muffin tins and the top came out, but not the peaches and bottom. So I gave up, scooped everything into a bowl and presented it at Coffee Girls as peach cobbler. It tasted pretty good.
That evening I had a pottery party. Sadly I didn't get any pictures, but I do have another Pinterest fail. I had some fruit and thought I'd make a dip for it. Pulled up a recipe and whipped it up in the food processor. It was so runny with tons of tiny lumps. So I turned the processor on and went to put some things in the oven. Pretty soon I had a house filled with smoke and dip that hadn't changed a bit. I turned on the fans and gave up on the dip for a few minutes. 
When I returned it was to find a gelatinous mess that was not only gross looking, but pretty gross tasting as well. Another epic Pinterest fail.
On a good note - the party went great.

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