Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another project

We went camping this last weekend. It was a perfect weekend.(More on that later.)
I was telling some friends about it on Monday and we got to talking about tent camping vs. camper camping. I mentioned that eventually I wanted a camper. 
In the spring Jon and I looked at campers, but just couldn't find one that was inexpensive enough and yet didn't need a world of things fixed on it.

For some reason I came home and got on the computer and looked up campers for sale. I didn't  intend to buy one. I was just window shopping.

But then this one that seemed perfect popped up on my screen and I had to call just to ask a few questions. And since we didn't have any plans and it was kind of close we just drove over to look at it. And then because it didn't have any major issues we just attached it to the truck just to see how it pulled. And then because he was willing to take so much less than he asked we just kind of accidentally came home with it.

So we now own a camper. It needs some cosmetic work and a couple of things fixed. But it was incredibly inexpensive and I will have fun fixing it up.

But I honestly didn't mean to buy another project. It just kind of happened!
Stay tuned for more pictures. Because the entire camper (inside & out) will be repainted and these cushions are already on their way to the landfill. The upholstery guy is coming tomorrow to get measurements.

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