Friday, February 1, 2013

Running in the flurries

Today was one of the most beautiful runs I've ever had. 
I wished almost the entire run that I'd thought of a way to bring my camera with me. 
It started out snowing and overcast. 
The flakes were huge and floated softly down all around me. 
It was quiet and peaceful.

Then the sun popped out and everything glistened and sparkled. Absolutely beautiful!
 By the time I'd finished my shower and picked up the kids the sun was starting to melt the snow.
But these pictures can give you an idea of the beauty I ran in today.
And just because I'm mean (or so my husband says) and can't leave you with pleasant pictures,
here is a picture of the price I'm paying for that gorgeous 8 mile run.
And let me assure you, this one looks way worse and doesn't feel too great either.
Guess beauty has a price. =)

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