Thursday, March 7, 2013

Missed blogs

I was a bit shocked to see that the last post on my blog was February 1st. I was sure that I'd written about several things and I took every single picture for the February photo challenge. But somehow with the general busyness of life I forgot to put down my thoughts and pictures. I am feeling a little blue tonight. I was trying to formulate my thoughts and that's when I realized how negligent I've been with my blog. So I will give you the cliff notes of my past month and try to get some blogging done in the next few weeks.

So in no particular order -

1. I quit drinking diet coke.
2. I am in physical therapy for my knees.
3. I went to see my sister and take her our last dog.
4. I've really been fighting depression again.
5. Jon and I have changed things up with our money this month.
6. I've been reading a book and taking a Joy Dare that has been inspiring.
7. I made several new recipes that I want to share. Several are do-overs.
8. Dying sucks for those of us left behind.
9. Family health issues and the ethical issues surrounding them.
10. Sacrificing for others can be such a mixed bag of emotions.

I'm sure there is more that I've forgotten. Those are the ones off the top of my head. So hopefully I will get a bit more writing done this month.

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