Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My birthday - late!

With the house and car repairs my birthday post has been postponed a bit. But I finally have a few seconds to write.

Despite everything, I had a lovely birthday. Children won't let you forget about such things. So dessert and celebrations are a must.

Jon and I went away the weekend after. My parents had been hinting rather strongly that they needed some grandchild time. We took the hint and dropped them off so we could spend the weekend in Nashville by ourselves. It worked out beautifully for everyone.

I had a whole list of touristy things I wanted to do. I live an hour away and yet never seem to find the time to play the tourist in my own area. But it started raining that first day and turned cold. So we rearranged things a bit and still had a ton of fun. It just wasn't in the places we'd anticipated.

I had been admiring this old run down factory building from the interstate every time I drove through. It was absolutely perfect for urban decay pictures. Turned out I wasn't the only one in love with it. By the time we got there it had been revitalized and turned into apartments upstairs and businesses downstairs. But it was still picture worthy, just no decay.

We had heard this was where the American Pickers guys had one of their stores so we thought we'd check it out. Turns out Mike was in the store signing autographs. I'm not into celebrity stuff. I live near Nashville and just can't muster up the enthusiasm when I see/hear about a "star". So we didn't go get his signature. But later I was trying to take pictures and saw him in the back hallway as he was trying to sneak away from the crowd. It was neat to see the person I watch on tv in real life. But I seriously don't get what the fuss is all about. He's a nice guy. But that is all - just a nice guy.
We drove around Nashville looking for things to take pictures of. It was raining so not the kind of picture weather I'd hoped for. But I still got some decent ones.

The next day we went to a foreign car museum. I found some cars I want Jon to get me. =) Somehow I don't think that was Jon's intention when he took me there.

The one in this first picture is a little Honda that I would LOVE to have. But they aren't made here in the States. So it would be a bit difficult to get one. We took the basement tour and that is where we found this little guy. Apparently they can only showcase about 150 cars upstairs in the museum. So they rotate them out periodically and store the rest in the basement.
 I've never been a fan of BMWs, but I wouldn't mind this one at all.

It was a great weekend. We relaxed, had quiet meals, slept in, talked without interruptions, and even did a little shopping. Definitely needed in the middle of our rather chaotic lives.

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