Monday, May 27, 2013


Jon and I went to a bookstore today that was out of this world. I'm not talking McKay's out of this world. I'm talking about entertaining and crazy out of this world.

It looked small and tame from the outside.
The lady came ambling waddling down from her house up the hill when we came down the driveway. We drove over a sensor that let her know when to come to her store. Very country!
 But the second we walked in the door we knew we were in for an experience.
We could barely get in the door and certainly not side by side. It was single file only.
The aisles are literally 1 1/2 feet across. This is the "skinny only" bookstore.
Jon had to turn sideways and suck in his stomach in several places.
And Jon isn't a huge guy. So you can imagine how claustrophobic some people would feel in here.
 Some aisles ended rather abruptly and I had to almost crawl back out of my hole to get to the next aisle.
 Can you see Jon at the end of the aisle? I'm at the back of the store.
Jon wouldn't venture down that far. =)
I'm guessing from this sign that she had someone steal some things. Another sign said she had 16 cameras. (In case you can't read the sign - She called the police because someone took two 8-track tapes.)
The books were incredibly expensive for used. But Jon and I figured it was worth the price for admission and bought three that we could get to that looked appealing.
Apparently she knows exactly how many she has and where to find them. 
Outstanding! The crazy thing is, I can totally get her hobby.

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