Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nature Photography

We've gone camping a couple of times this spring in our camper. But with life being so busy, I just haven't had the chance to post any pictures. So here are some of the pictures from a couple of weeks ago.
 Both of these boat pictures say peaceful to me.

Our last camping venture was this past weekend. Wow! What a mess. It rained almost the entire time and we were cold and wet. The camper that once seemed so spacious had become increasingly smaller by the end of the weekend. But despite all of the mud and yuck, I think we still managed to have a bit of fun. I just didn't get very many pictures.
 Before I get comments about the environment - I know I shouldn't have burned the fork. I didn't realize it until it was melting and then 1. didn't want to burn my finger and 2. thought it was pretty.

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