Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bees and motorcycle helmets

I decided to take over the mowing from Jon. He has so much to do when he gets home and I wanted to bag the grass for my garden. Jon had mentioned several times that he hated bagging the grass, but I didn't realize until I started mowing why.

If the grass is even slightly damp the bagger clogs every 10-20 feet. After stopping every five seconds I came close to the garden. The mower was clogged and the bags were almost full. So I stopped and got off the mower. I promptly got stung by a bee. 

Apparently I had stopped my mower directly on top of a nest of very angry hornets.
I danced and jumped around trying to get back on the mower to move it, but each time ended up with an unpleasant encounter with a bee. I decided to let them settle and try again. I returned to the house to doctor myself. The only band aides I could find were Despicable Me. 
I am now covered in little minions.

45 minutes and a can of wasp spray later and I still wasn't any closer to my mower.
Than my brilliancy kicked in. I returned to my mower dressed completely in motorcycle clothes - boots, pants, jacket, helmet, and gloves. I didn't get stung once. Mission accomplished!

Sometimes I'm so smart I shock myself!
I'm also secretly laughing as I picture how that must have looked to the neighbors.

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