Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Today was a crazy day for me. We were running a bit late leaving the house so I grabbed some trail mix for my breakfast and the kids and I rushed to the car. Only to sit for over 10 minutes while we waited on road construction. You would think they would wait until the school traffic for two schools would be through, but no. This left Caitlin and I with very little time before gymnastics and my appointments started. So after dropping her off I ran around to get everything accomplished. Thankfully a massage was part of my errands. After my massage, I arrived at Blood Assurance for my appointment to give blood. They asked if I'd eaten this morning and I said yes. I learned very quickly that there is a big difference between eating and actually having something in your stomach after they drain a bit of blood. I passed out before even leaving the chair. I came to with my toes pointing into the air like a little dead bug and an ice pack on my neck. The girl was telling me not to close my eyes. Pardon me, but I kind of couldn't help it!

I ate some crackers and then some Little Debbie's. It's the only time I ever eat them. 
Those and the t-shirts are the reasons I like to give blood. =) 
I felt much better and left to go get Caitlin. Jon had taken his bicycle to work so we were going to pick him up for lunch. I didn't even make it half way there and had to pull over because I was so nauseous. After a couple of scary stops I made it to the gymnastics place and promptly collapsed inside their front door. I think it freaked them out a little bit.
 So I called Jon and he had a co-worker bring him to Victory to pick us up. I just didn't feel comfortable driving after all of that. And being told by multiple people that you look white and awful doesn't do great things to your confidence either.
After a good lunch, I'm feeling 100% again and have learned a very valuable lesson.

Eat a ton for breakfast and a  snack right before my appointment!

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