Friday, August 2, 2013


Last week we headed over to a friend's house to shoot some guns. Our property isn't really conducive to shooting anything other than the paintball or bb guns. 
Jon and I had never shot skeet before and were looking forward to trying out our new shotgun.

We had company.
Getting instructions.
 I actually hit something, so not too bad for my first time.
 We went down the hill to get further from the house when we shot the pistols and I forgot my camera. So there aren't any pictures of us shooting the pistols. But I enjoyed them more. I was also sporting a lovely bruise on my shoulder from the shotgun, so that might have swayed my opinion a bit. Next time I'll remember to wear different clothes.

Goofy men!
A huge thank you to our friends for having us over. We had a great time!

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