Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Blessed with friends

Yesterday morning I woke up to Jon tossing and turning in bed. He was also moaning. I first thought he was dreaming. But it was quickly apparent that something was seriously wrong. He was quite sure that he had a kidney stone. Since he's been down this road before (about 10 years ago - it ended w/ surgery in Germany), I figured he knew what he was talking about.

Jon wasn't getting any better without some meds. So I rushed the kids through their morning routine so we could head to the emergency room. I wasn't thinking clearly. It's very difficult to think when a loved one is in pain. I wasn't sure about the rules of the ER and I wanted Dominic to be able to go to school. So I put a brief message on facebook asking for someone to pick him up at the ER since I was taking Jon and wanted him in school.

My plan was to let the first person who responded have the kids and then I could take the message down and concentrate on my husband. Didn't plan on my ipod dying and my being unable to get on the internet. My phone blew up. I had so many messages with offers of help, prayer, and concern.

Jon was admitted to the hospital until the next day and I had friends coming from every direction with offers of help with the kids or anything else we might need.

Jon came home this morning still in pain, but we are hoping it passes soon and the meds can keep the pain manageable until then.

But what has amazed me (although it shouldn't have) was how all of my million friends stepped forward to help. I felt truly loved and blessed. I can honestly say that I haven't lived anywhere else that I've had this many loving and caring people who surround my family with prayer and blessings.

So thank you! Thank you to the ones who cared for (or offered to) my children, thank you for the visits in the hospital, thank you for the yummy food so I didn't have to cook, and most of all - thank you for the prayers. I have the very best friends in the whole world.

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