Friday, February 28, 2014

Valentine's Day

It appears that I forgot to hit the publish button a couple of weeks ago. So here is my Valentine's Day post a little late!

Today I was alternately amused, disgusted, and had my heart warmed by comments and posts on facebook concerning Valentine's Day.

Most people made comments about their sweethearts or general comments to all of their friends. A few shared articles or videos of the romantic nature.

But there are always the few who just can't seem to keep their negativity to themselves. "They don't DO this holiday." "They are depressed because they aren't romantically entangled." "It's all about commercialism, so they aren't participating." "It's a holiday for women, so screw it."

I could say so much about this. I could rant for a very long time about the sheer wrongness of that type of attitude. But I'm going to just say this - Love isn't about you.
Love is what is best for the other person!!!
Gestures of romance, love, and affection don't have to be over the top. Just let your loved ones know they are cherished today. Even if it's in a very small way.

So here is my something small to the one who is such a huge and amazing part of my life!

I love you, dear hubby! Not just today, but every single day.
You don't talk very often, but when you do it means something.
I trust you. Your decisions haven't led me wrong and I respect your thoughts and ideas.
You make my heart beat. You can still make it go crazy like when we were teenagers. =)
You treat me so well. I feel loved, cherished, and special.
So happy Valentine's Day to the most amazing man!
I'm thankful you were put into my life over 20 years ago.
So thankful I said yes when you asked me to be your Valentine.
After that you didn't ask - you just informed me of the next plan.
I was informed less than a year later that you were going to marry me. =)

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