Saturday, March 1, 2014


I tend to take pictures of things that interest me. So unless you are incredibly familiar with Disney, you might not recognize most of these pictures. But here they are.
 My favorite ride was on this mountain. I could have gone a million times.
Visually, Animal Kingdom was my favorite. They did an incredible job of capturing the essence of the different countries, especially Asia.

 Animal Kingdom was full of nature and other countries.
Magic Kingdom was full of whimsy and make believe.
 Epcot was full of flowers and around the world architecture. 

I could have spent days just wandering around with my camera taking pictures. But my visit this time was about the children. So other than some evening pictures I'll be posting later, this is the extent of my non-kid Disney pictures. Maybe someday. But in the mean time, I'm glad my family enjoyed their visit, even if my camera is mostly filled with sticky smiles instead of scenery.

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