Thursday, December 11, 2014


There are three statistics about motorcycle riding. 

1. Most accidents happen within 5 miles of home.
2. Most accidents happen to riders who've been riding less than 6 months.
3. There are two types of motorcycle riders. Those that have had an accident and those that will.

Well actually that last one is more of a saying than a statistic, but it seems to hold true in most cases.

So today I fulfilled all three of them. I had a motorcycle accident.

It started back in September when my darling husband bought me this cool motorcycle. We were still so incredibly busy with the house and our business. So my practice sessions were few and far between. I was finally able to get the knowledge test in October. But since they don't issue permits in Tennessee, I couldn't bring the motorcycle to the test place myself. Jon was out of town most of November and then it was Thanksgiving. So today was the first day that Jon was able to get away from work to bring the bike and meet me there.

I woke up this morning to find temps in the low 30s. I KNEW that it was too cold for me to ride. But I was really afraid that my written part of the test would expire (Turns out it didn't expire for 1 yr.) and I'd have to start all over again. Let me tell you, the dmv is not a place you want to go unless you absolutely have to.

So I went. And I passed with no problem at all. 

And then I had to drive home.

I haven't been that cold ever. It wasn't long before my hands, feet, and lower face were completely numb. I got within 2 miles of my house and went around a corner. I noticed a bunch of gravel in the road up ahead. So I braked so that I wouldn't be going as fast when I got to it. Small problem. My hands were so numb that I didn't actually touch the brakes at all. At least that was my thought as I found myself lying on the ground. 

I got up quickly and shook everything out. Nothing seemed to be broken or overly painful. There had been a car behind me and the lady came running up just as I got the bike picked up. Turns out she was my neighbor and I think was more rattled than I was. My back was beginning to twinge a bit, but I made it home safely. By the time I'd parked the bike and was pulling my helmet off, I knew I was in trouble though.

I have a broken toe, some very sore ribs, and a very strained and painful back. 

I learned a few things today.

1. Never ride when the weather is that cold. I'm not designed for freezing temperatures.
2. Never, never pick up the bike wrong. Really, don't do it.
3. Falling off the bike isn't nearly as painful as picking it back up again.
4. I have some really sweet and caring friends. (Even the ones who found humor in the irony of having an accident on the same day that I passed my test.)

And so now that I've completed the statistics I should be good to go. =)

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  1. First let me say in thankful you are alive and can mend. Second ouch, didn't you break a toe last month? And now my final thought...he he it is a bit funny that you have become one of so many "statistics" in just one day. We will pray for speedy healing in time for your race.