Sunday, January 11, 2015

It's Finished

Well in all honesty, it's been finished for a little while. But I've been slow taking pictures and even slower getting them onto my blog. But it's finally ALL finished and so without further ado ~

My new kitchen!
 The pictures aren't lying. This kitchen is huge!
 I love having my microwave off the counter. It was worth it to opt out of having a second oven so that we could get rid of the old microwave.
 Look at all of that counter space and that gorgeous tile. I'm in love!
 These sinks are seriously deep.
 I have a dishwasher! Haven't had one in over four years. I know I kept saying that I would be happy if I could get a new oven and could honestly live forever without a dishwasher. And while that is true, I'm not complaining one tiny bit about having one.

The previous pictures were right after it was finished. These next few are after it's been used for a little bit. Curtains, small appliances, etc. add a more lived in look.
 This cookie jar belonged to my grandmother years ago. I think of her every time I look at it.
 My mother-in-law bought this little candle for me. Isn't he precious?!

There is one small large piece missing. Our island. After a lot of looking and discussing, we decided to use one of the old kitchen cabinets for our new island. We have totally changed this house from top to bottom. Once we finish the outside the lady who owned it wouldn't even recognize her old place. So I like keeping small elements of the old home to remind us of what it use to be. So we took the knobs and handles off the doors and sanded it down. And then we haven't had a day since that has reached the right temperature to paint it. So it sits all ugly and bare in my kitchen until the weather warms up. We also ordered a really nice piece of butcher block to replace the ugly Formica counter top that was on it. Naturally I picked one that was out of stock and would take at least 2 months to reach us. Those two months ended the end of December. Still no word on when it will arrive. So those pictures will come at a later date.

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