Thursday, October 13, 2016


What would you do if money and obligations weren't tying you to your current position? I've been wondering and dreaming about this for a while now. I love my home.  And while I never would have imagined a one story ranch as my dream home, it has become my favorite place to be.  But what would I do if I was incredibly wealthy and had no obligations required of me? 

I would read. That is a given. Curling. Up on a couch or chair with s cup of coffee and a good book is truly my idea of heaven.  But I'd also travel. I'd go to all of the places that I've read about in my book travels. And while traveling I'd buy homes.  I love real estate and it would be so cool to have a home in all of my favorite places around the world. All of those homes would have libraries and comfortable places to read and sleep. 

So that is my dream. What is yours? What would you do if you could do anything or go anywhere?

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