Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I'm a bit frustrated. I'm letting something eat at me when it shouldn't. My son made an innocent remark about something. He's too little for it not to have been innocent. And SHE took it wrong. Again! I'm tired of all of this. I should drop it. Who cares what she thinks. Who cares that she acts so immature. And I know that my family is sick and tired of hearing me discuss her and hash and rehash every time she does something annoying. I've known for almost 4 years that she takes even the comments of an innocent 3 yr old personally and then acts rude and juvenile about it. But it still bothers me. At first I laughed. She refused to speak to me about something my child said that had nothing to do with her (although she obviously took it to mean something about her). She even left the function we were at. (Because of me?) But then I got annoyed. I didn't DO anything. I KNOW I'm annoying sometimes. But she could have ignored me and not been hanging around if I was such a witch. She didn't have to stand there saying nothing and looking all uncomfortable. Sigh!

Thankfully I don't see her very often anymore. I try to avoid places I know that she will be. We have started visiting another church and hope to someday transfer our membership if we are still living here in a few years. I carefully watch the rsvp status on our mom's group calendar and weigh whether it's worth it to allow my child to be around her family. I know that she realizes I'm doing this. But for mine and my family's health, it's what I need to do. It's just sad that it has come to this.

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