Thursday, June 24, 2010


We got back early this morning (1am) from an interview in Tennessee. I'm so tired that I can't keep my eyes open. My kids are being angels and playing by themselves right now so I thought I'd organize my thoughts by blogging.

Jon felt that the interview went well. But we've have really been praying hard that if God doesn't want us to have this job or to move yet that he'll have the people say no regardless of how much we might want this job.

The area is beautiful. I fell in love with the town and found several homes that spoke to me. Whenever Jon has an interview I call a Realtor and have her take me to some homes so we can get an idea of what the area has to offer. The church is larger than New Bern and has a church school. We would be with in 30 minutes of an academy. It sounds and looks so perfect. But God can see and hear things that I can't.

This time I'm actually feeling at peace with the wait. God is in control and I know that I will miss my little home here if we move. So while I wait I will enjoy the time that I have here. I am so ready to move though. Before Jon and I moved here I had never been to a school for longer than 3 yrs. I had lived in 5 states and never lived in one home for more than 4 years. Yet we lived in our 1st home for 5 years before moving to our little carriage house. We have lived in New Bern for 8+ years. It's time to move back closer to family and closer to a church school for the kids.

But I was feeling a pull towards New Bern because of how long we had lived here and the friends that I had made. But then last week I found out that one of my closest friends is moving up north and will be leaving as soon as her house sells. I have helped so many of my dear friends move away while I stayed here to miss them without the benefits of having an adventure. So now it's my turn. I don't know if I have any friends left to help me pack, but since I've done it so many times I'm sure I can handle it. =)

So hopefully in a few weeks (they had better not take the 8 weeks the last place took) we will know whether we will be here in New Bern for a bit longer or whether we head to Tennessee.

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