Monday, November 1, 2010

Books, Paint and Love

My family loves me! I have proof.

Several years ago Jon and I were talking about getting out of debt. We really didn't want a mortgage and wanted to get rid of it quickly since it was our last item of debt. We were also wanting to build our dream home someday. I mentioned a friend of the family who had lived in a barn (several stalls had been made into an apartment) while they saved the money to buy a home. I told him that since he wanted a workshop that we could do something like this and pay for everything as we got the money.

So we sort of did just that.
It took us two years and tons of stress and worry. But we moved in when Dominic was 8 months old. What I didn't factor into my mind was the fact that we would be living in this for years and potentially have another child here. It soon became crowded. But I could have handled all of this if it wasn't for my books.

This picture is in our current home, but still in boxes. =(
They sat in storage bins in the garage while we waited to save the money to start building our home. Life happens and Jon ended up getting his pilot's license with some of the money we'd saved. So it was almost back to square one again with the saving. I was fine with that, but I REALLY missed my books and was also looking forward to having the kids in separate rooms.
When we moved I chose this house for several reasons. But the thing that caught my eye when I walked in the front door was my library potential.
My wonderful husband is building me a library as we speak. It will take him months because he has other things he needs to do (work, family, etc.) but my dream is in sight.
The kid's rooms were not the cutest when we moved in. I doubt the lady had changed the drapes since she'd put them up in 1969. I certainly sneezed enough taking them down. So those were some of the first things to go. But this last week my mom came over to help me paint the bedrooms and all of this brown trim (She will keep coming till it's done). We have crown molding, baseboards, chair railing, paneling, pocket doors, etc. Everything is non-painted wood. This really dates the house. So mom and I are slowly, but surely painting everything. I'm so excited. Caitlin's room is almost finished. I need to purchase/make the rest of the curtains and something for her hair bows. 


After (almost completed)
Also when the library is finished we will be putting hard wood flooring in the entire house. So Caitlin's rug will go down then as well.

I'm so excited. And I feel really, really loved. There are a million things that Jon and my mom could be doing with their time, but they are helping me have my dream home.

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