Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas presents

I wanted one specific thing for Christmas this year.
I wanted a new watch.
And not just any watch. I wanted a specific Citizen watch.
So I went to the store and picked it out. I took a picture and got all of the details, including the name of the clerk who had helped me.
Then when I met Jon for lunch I told him to go get it after work since they were having a sale that ended that night.
That night when he came home from work he had the bag in his hand. =)
But he wouldn't let me have it. I had to wait for Christmas.

The week before Christmas Jon got my present out from under the tree and gave it to me.
He told me that since the gift wasn't a surprise, the time when I received it should be.
I was so excited.

I had finally gotten him something that he'd been hinting at for quite some time.
Jon wanted a Play Station.
I had several reasons for not wanting him to get it.
1. He was in school (flight) when he first started really talking about it and I never saw him as it was. I certainly didn't want to become a PS widow.
2. Most of the games are rated T or above for some form of violence. Not exactly something I want my son to be copying.
3. I've heard of the harmful effects that too much tv and gaming can do to young children. Right now my kids love to play outside. I don't want this to change.
4. It costs a ton of money and we had so many other things that just came higher on the list.

So this year I decided to change my mind. We could work around most of the issues and Jon is due for some fun things. He became a widower the 2nd I put those books on the shelves. So he needs something to do when I am reading. =)
I purchased a game and put a card with it saying that the PS3 was his gift, but he would get to pick out exactly what he wanted.

The day I got my watch I met Jon for lunch. He was telling me about how his co-workers had found an amazing deal on a PS3. 
"It's the best deal that I'm probably going to find."
So I went a head and told him about his gift and that day he went back to work and purchased it.
He got it before Christmas.

Jon and I rarely do Christmas presents the way most people do.
Usually we pick a large gift that we both want and just buy it.
But this year was fun.
I'm benefiting from Jon's present (more on that later) and Dominic is learning to play just a little bit.
I've been impressed with how patient Jon is when teaching Dominic to play. He never raises voice or gets frustrated when Dominic can't seem to grasp a concept.
Every once in a while Dominic will have Jon get help him get through a stage. It's so cute.
But my fears of Dominic not wanting to play other things or becoming a coach potato are so far unfounded.
Jon doesn't let Dominic play very much.
And if you watch Dominic he is completely into the "sport". It's so funny.

Quite a bit of rambling, but I'm thankful for my Christmas present and I'm glad that Jon likes his as well.

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