Monday, January 24, 2011

Calling Cards

I was reading a book today and saw something that interested me.

When I had more than one rental house I decided to make up some business cards. 
It is so helpful to have something to hand someone.
I found some really cute ones and soon realized that I gave them out for more than business.
So when I moved here I had some more made with only my personal information on them.
Here is the paragraph from the book:

"Today, business cards are a means of establishing credibility as a professional. But until the early part of this century, they were "calling cards", and they were used exclusively for social purposes. They were "upper class", presenting a calling card when you met or visited someone indicated that you didn't work for a living. And there was an elaborate etiquette surrounding their use (e.g., should a single woman leave a calling card for a gentleman?). But as the middle classes got into the act, the calling card became another means of making a business contact. Today, that's all it is."

I'm bringing back the calling card. 
I'm part of the "upper class" who isn't working. 
Uhm! I'm not working any way. =)

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