Friday, January 21, 2011


Jon called me today to let me know that BSH had made an announcement.
They are closing the laundry plant in New Bern.
So not only is Jon's consulting work ending, but all of our friends are either moving to Germany or finding other jobs.

It's amazing how God works. I can't imagine how we would be feeling right now if we thought Jon had to have another job by April. The stress would be unbelievable and we certainly couldn't have sold our house so quickly to Jon's co-worker. (Hmm, wonder what he's going to do now? He's just purchased a home.)

So here is yet another reason why I'm glad we are in Cookeville now.
We aren't looking for a job or heading to Germany.

On a side note:
Jon's old boss is selling us her truck. She is one of the ones relocating to Germany.
We had been wanting a truck for quite some time. 
Jon wanted a Toyota Tundra and I wanted the Tacoma.
Paige has a 04 Tacoma that she is selling to us. She is the type that really babies her vehicles. So Jon is happy because we are getting a truck that is in excellent condition for a really great price.
We will be heading to New Bern this spring to buy a truck.
It's put a few things on hold that we had been planning since we aren't willing to go into debt, but this is the perfect opportunity and then we can check that off of Jon's wish list. =)
And I get the one that I want. =)

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