Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter Blues

Yesterday Jon commented on how high the electric bill was.
I commented on how tired and unmotivated I felt.

I could have explained both of those.

Winter can be gloomy. It rains (or snows) a lot and we are housebound. There aren't as many things to do outside of the house and we get bored. The kids are more restless.
I like lots of light so that is why the electric bill is high. 
What nature isn't providing the electric company can.
Also I was tired of staying in the house doing the same old things over and over again.
I think even the kids were getting bored.

So today I tried to think of things that made the winter months more enjoyable.

I love candles. And I rarely burn them during the spring and summer.
The Christmas candy must be eaten.
Waste is not acceptable.
I spent the entire afternoon with my amazing son making hearts.
(see other blog)
Thanks to efforts on all our parts (the kids were actually a great help) my house is very clean.
This always makes me feel better.

Now it's on to supper. But I will continue to look for cheery things this winter to keep my spirits up.

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