Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dining Room

My mom has been coming to help me paint.
She was here this last week and accomplished more than I expected her to.
She's coming back in two weeks so I need to get some things done so she'll have something to do.
One of the things I've been putting off is the wallpaper in the dining room.
I've never removed wallpaper, but have heard horror stories.

This is the dining room with wallpaper.
It really wasn't that ugly. Just not my style.
So I've started by peeling off the wallpaper. It's 42 years old so was pretty brittle.
Most of it came right off.
Now I just have to get the glue wet and slowly rub/peel/scrape it off.
This is what is going to take me weeks to do.
I still haven't picked a color to paint the walls. But since I have to remove the glue, sand the walls and then primer it, I think I have plenty of time to decide.
Once the walls are finished, I need a new chandelier and hardwood floors and I'll be finished.

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