Monday, January 10, 2011


When I first moved back to Tennessee I had to re-learn quite a few things.
I had to re-learn how to start on a hill while driving a manual transmission.
I had to re-learn "the language". 
Because TN redneck is different than NC redneck. =)
There are quite a few other things as well.
But this winter I've been learning how to drive in snow again.
Snow in NC meant at most 3 inches on perfectly flat roads.
Snow here means icy roads with snow on top, 
while starting on a hill driving a manual transmission.
They keep the roads well salted and plowed.
But today was a fun (learning) experience.

Below are a few pictures I took while out in the snow today.
Our road.
This is the flat section.
I love this tree. It's a few blocks from our house.
This fountain was on the way home.
The temperatures was not cold enough to completely freeze it. But it was working on it.
Some pictures of the trees outside our home.
I love snow. And I love living in a place that doesn't shut down (entirely) when it snows like this. We went sledding and then Jon went to work. We met him in town for lunch at a local restaurant.
The place wasn't super crowded, but all of the staff were there.
All of the stores are open and there isn't a shortage of milk or bread.
Love, love where I live!

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