Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hearing things

I can't hear and Jon doesn't listen. =)
Actually we both probably don't listen very well, but it's something we tease each other about.
Jon is always asking me if I'm deaf (well, now that you mention it. . .)
and he's always asking me something and I've just told him the answer a few minutes before.

I found out yesterday that apparently we didn't listen very well to each other and I must have agreed to something that I'm really, really upset about.
A situation came up and we needed to make a decision. We discussed it and tossed around lots of ideas and solutions. Some of them were a bit silly and some were real ideas.
When it was done we set the wheels in motion for this to happen.
It isn't set in stone, but it would be hard to change.
This was over a month ago.
And then yesterday I find out a condition to this solution.
I can honestly say that I don't remember this condition.
We both have bad memories, but surely I would remember something this important to me being made a condition to things happening. Why would I ever have agreed to it.
Here's the reality -
Reality one - I NEVER would have agreed to this if I'd thought it through. It meant to much to me.
Reality two - It's a done deal. Suck it up and deal.

Am I going to be sad? Yes!
Am I going to pitch an ugly fit? No.
Do I want to? Uhm, Yes!

Life goes on and while I'm really sad and upset about something, I'm going to enjoy my wonderful and amazing life. We found a (mostly) great solution to the situation and for the most part I'm happy. I'll be happier when it's behind us so I don't think about what I agreed to, but something good IS going to happen so I'll be happy and enjoy the ride.

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