Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Several years ago when I was pregnant with Dominic a chiropractor came to a dental auxiliary meeting and talked to us about the benefits of chiropractic care. I'd always thought that chiropractors were quacks. But when she mentioned that she could eliminate or lessen heart burn I decided to give her a try. I had acid reflux and had to go off my medications once I found out I was pregnant. So I was downing the Tums.
Turned out she could. I had a much easier pregnancy after that.
I continued to go to her and after I had Dominic she discovered (through x-rays) that one of my legs was longer than the other. This caused my hips to be out of align and that was causing the pain in my legs. She recommended a lift in my shoe. I was amazed to discover that the pain I'd been having in my knees since I was a teenager was now gone.

When we moved I just fell out of the habit of going to the chiropractor. My doctor wasn't here and finding a new one is sometimes a bit of trial and error.

My knees have started to hurt again because I need a new lift and a couple of months ago my neck started bothering me. So I complained for a while =) until Jon came home with a recommendation from a person at work. I ditched book club to make an appointment. That should give you a clue to how bad I was feeling. I feel so much better already.
But the reason I'm so excited and writing this post is because I found out that I get unlimited free chiropractors visits and two free massages a month. I've lived here for 8 months and I'm just now going to start benefiting from this. If only I'd known I could have put a lot less Aleve in my poor little body.
But now that I know let the fun begin. =)

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