Friday, May 13, 2011

Book Reviews

I have made a decision about my book reviews. I LOVE to read (in case you haven't noticed). And so as soon as I get a book finished and a review posted I'm getting another one.

Today I was contacted by a person representing a publishing company.
Would I be willing to review their books and write a review.
I also found a blog listing five other sites that will send books to reviewers for free.
Free books are like candy to me, but I don't want to bore the readers of this blog.
So I've started yet another blog. This blog will be for my book reviews.
You don't have to join unless you want to receive updates as soon as I post. From time to time I'll mention my book reviews on this blog if you want to let that be your reminder to jump over and check it out.

So without further ado -

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