Sunday, May 15, 2011

Camping trip

These pictures were actually taken on Friday. 
The day that I was packing and wishing I hadn't already paid for a camp site.
Just a few pictures of the plants and the horse barns. It rained so much that I wasn't able to get very many pictures.

The horse area. This whole camping ground was set up for horse people. Both mornings I was woken up by diesel trucks leaving the camp site.
 Not a great picture, but this horse reminded me of a Dalmation dog.
The pond by the horse barns.
Plant life.

This next picture is the weirdest thing I saw this weekend. I noticed it on the drive up, but we were racing to get to the camp ground before the sun set so we could pitch our tents with a little light.
On the way back I made Jon stop in the middle of the road on a curve to get this picture.
He might have made a comment or two about endangering my family for a picture. Not sure. =)

We were in the middle of no where. Quite literally. The closest buildings were either abandoned, livestock barns or outhouses (which was a little strange itself). There is no shoulders on these roads. One side was a rock wall or woods going straight up a hill. The other side was a sheer drop off with guard rails. 
There is NO WAY a car could have stopped for any length of time and it would be very dangerous for a person to be out walking.
So how in the world did this little toy fire truck get way up on this rock (probably higher than I could reach), on a country road where very few people live or drive by. Weird!

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