Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jon's post

I can't take any credit for the following pictures. 
Jon took a camera with him on his Wisconsin business trip.

The town where he went.
 The little restaurant that Jon and his co-worker went to.
It was five miles up a dirt road in the middle of no where.
Jon ate cheese curds, cheese soup and a cheeseburger.
Apparently he was under the assumption that one must eat cheese when in Wisconsin.
They stopped at a lock and dam.
The countryside. It reminds me a lot of where we live.
It looks like they've had some flooding.
Last of the photos


  1. Thank you for sharing these pictures. It is places like these that make me want to get out of the 5/6th largest city in the US and live where there is purity, peace, and ... okay I can't think of another "P" word, but you get my point.
    Maybe I should...
    Does Jon take many trips out of state? If so, could he take more pictures, please?

  2. He takes quite a few, but the last couple have been to cities. He's the one with the true talent so I always enjoy his pictures when he returns.