Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Okay, this isn't an epiphany or anything. It's just something I was thinking about today.
Today was one of those days that I accomplished a lot, but it feels like there is sooo much more to do and the day was almost over. I was fixing supper and wishing that I didn't have a job that was 24/7. I love my job, but sometimes it feels like I don't get the chance to "play" as much as I use to. And then I realized that what I was considering play would be considered work by someone else. The key in life is to find work that you really, really enjoy. Because everything is work. It's just that we enjoy some of it more than others.
All of Jon's and my hobbies require a great deal of work and yet this hasn't stopped us from doing them.
Look at our list of recent hobbies -

Photography (always on the lookout for the best picture, editing, blogging about them)
Flying (getting the license took work and maintaining takes work as well)
Gardening (no explanation needed)
Jon's Model A (it takes work to maintain it, but I was mainly thinking about driving the thing. Double clutch and no power steering.)

See what I mean? Since I enjoy my job and my hobbies I will cherish the few and far between moments of spare time to devote to my hobbies, but I'll be enjoying my job as well since it's something I chose and I'm good at.
If you'd tasted supper tonight you would agree! =)

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