Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Barn

All of the photos that you've seen on this blog (so far) have been unedited. I haven't even cropped anything. But tonight I decided to try messing with a picture I took of this barn.
The lighting seemed okay today and I wanted to get a picture while the honeysuckle was still in bloom.
The weather has been terrible and I wasn't sure when I'd have a chance to get another picture.
I might have mentioned before that this barn is very difficult to photograph due to it's location.
So I did what is becoming a habit - I stopped in the middle of the road and took this picture out of my window.
But since I could see a car coming up behind me I couldn't get a decent picture. I had to snap and run.
So I pulled the photo up in Windows Photo Gallery (the only thing I have at the moment to edit photos) and went to work. I think I might have spent way to much time messing with the color but here is the before and after. What do you think?

This first one is just of all of the honeysuckle. Nothing special. I just like them.
 After - I'm still not sure how I feel about it.


  1. I like it. You can tell it's been changed, in other words it's not a "natural" pic, but I like the effect. It's almost like it's from another time.

  2. It looks like one of those pictures you see in a magazine like Country Living.

  3. I love the edited picture of the barn. It looks like a barn newly built but with some unfinished parts.
    Do you remember the honeysuckles along the roads around Amity? That smell was almost overwhelming!

  4. I don't remember the honeysuckle in Amity. But since that was a very long time ago, it's not surprising. =)